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Vapor Recovery 101 – The Best Tank Truck Vapor Recovery Hose

Posted by Flexaust on Oct 20, 2020

Vapor Recovery 101

What Is Vapor Recovery?

Vapor recovery involves the removal of harmful vapor from raw products to ensure purity and to prevent toxic pollutants from being released into the environment. Chemical processing industries use vapor recovery to recover unwanted vapors from storage areas to keep chemicals safe and pure for transport and use.

When transporting and filling fuel trucks and tanks, fluid displacement causes vapors to be released into the upper area of the enclosure. A well-fitted and reliable vapor recovery system recaptures harmful vapors before they can escape from storage tanks and trucks, thereby reducing emissions and improving overall operational safety. 

Is It Mandatory?

Vapor recovery systems are used in a variety of countries in the processing and storage of petroleum, natural gas, and petrochemical products as enacted by environmental protection authorities and ordered by law. In the United States, the EPA enforces vapor removal to regulate harmful air emissions. This regulation requires the elimination of at least 95% of vapor produced in hydrocarbon storage tanks. Vapor removal units help oil and gas producers meet these requirements while maintaining sustainable and efficient operations.

Vapor Recovery Hose Coming From a Tank Truck

Tank Truck Vapor Recovery Hoses

One of the most common sites of vapor emissions are tank trucks that are used to transport fuel from holding facilities to gas stations. Selecting a safe and reliable vapor recovery hose is critical for compliant transmission of fuel without vapor loss.

Why The Need For FlexTube® VR-U?

As mentioned, proper vapor recovery is vital to the environment and the overall safety of operation. Unfortunately, it is common to see tank trucks use the wrong equipment, such as a drop hose, for vapor recovery use. This is not a viable option. These particular drop hoses are typically heavy and difficult to maneuver making the job harder to accomplish. These hoses are simply not made for this application.

At Flexaust, we saw a void in the market and wanted to develop a hose that can be a mainstay for the industry. Our FlexTube® VR-U is lighter and much easier to handle than the improper drop hoses.

Flex-Tube VR-U - The Best Vapor Recovery Hose

Flexaust's Flex-Tube VR-U is designed to provide lasting and durable vapor recovery of gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, and ethanol. It is composed of a static-dissipative UV and biofuel vapor resistant polyurethane blend reinforced with rigid, UV-resistant external PVC helix with an embedded copper braided grounding wire to ensure the dissipation of static buildup and provide optimal corrosion and abrasion resistance.

The phthalate free composition of our Flex-Tube VR-U ensures ozone and abrasion resistance, and allows for optimal flexibility, even in low temperatures, and the lightweight hose makes it easy to move between truck and terminal. Our Flex-Tube VR-U hose offers surface resistivity levels of 108-1010 Ohms/Square and is compatible with C, CVC, and CPP hose assemblies, so you can be sure to get the best fit for your system. We also offer banding coils end fittings for smooth assembly attachment.

More Information About Our Vapor Recovery Hose

At Flexaust, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality specialized hoses for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our knowledgeable team understands the unique requirements for vapor recovery in fuel transport and distribution, and we are here to help you find the best vapor recovery hose to keep your fuel system safe, reliable, and compliant. To learn more about our vapor recovery hose products and features, contact us or request a quote today. 

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