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Exhaust Hoses for Industrial Applications

Posted by Flexaust on Aug 10, 2021 2:21:38 PM

Exhaust hoses are commonly used in many types of industrial applications. From welding stations and engine testing stations to fire engines and bus stations, these hoses appear nearly everywhere. Here we'll review what these hoses are, some of their common applications, and the high-quality hoses available from Flexaust.

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Topics: Ventilation Systems, Indoor Vehicle Exhaust, Garage Exhaust Ventilation, Garage Exhaust System, Garage Vehicle Exhaust System, Industrial Hoses

Hose Bend Radius Essentials

Posted by Flexaust on Jan 14, 2020 1:15:00 PM

A hose’s bend radius determines how long a hose needs to be before it can safely bend while in service. Understanding bend radius helps ensure a hose will have the necessary strength and functionality for its intended use case. Failing to account for bend radius limits will ultimately cause damage to hoses and shorten their usable service life.

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Topics: Bend Radius, Industrial Hoses

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