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What are Anti-Static Hoses?

Posted by Flexaust on Jun 9, 2020 5:14:43 AM

Flexible hoses used in highly volatile industrial environments have the potential to produce sparks, which may ignite flammable dust particles to cause fires or explosions. This potential makes it necessary for high-risk facilities to use anti-static hoses in their facilities and operations.

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Topics: Static Dissipative, Static Conductive, anti-static hose

Static Conductive and Static Dissipative Flexible Hose

Posted by Flexaust on Apr 7, 2017 4:07:05 PM

In one of our most recent blogs we went over why is it important to choose the correct flexible hose, and listed some of the critical factors that should be considered when making that decision.  Another factor that it important when choosing the right flexible hose to meet your requirements is electrical conductivity and static resistance.  If a hose with the wrong electrical resistance rating is chosen, the potential for static sparks that could interact with dust particles and set off fire or explosions increases.  To help decide which hose is appropriate for a specific situation, many times they are labeled as static conductive or static dissipative based on the materials used to make them.

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Topics: Static Dissipative, Static Conductive

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