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What are Anti-Static Hoses?

Posted by Flexaust on Jun 9, 2020 5:14:43 AM

Flexible hoses used in highly volatile industrial environments have the potential to produce sparks, which may ignite flammable dust particles to cause fires or explosions. This potential makes it necessary for high-risk facilities to use anti-static hoses in their facilities and operations.

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An anti-static hose can be one of two types: a static dissipative hose or a static conductive hose. Flexaust carries both types of anti-static hoses in a variety of lengths and materials, with designs suitable for a myriad of environmental and temperature requirements.

As a leading anti-static hose supplier, we provide products such as:

  • Anti-static vacuum hoses
  • Anti-static ventilation hoses
  • Anti-static dust collection hoses
  • Explosion-proof vacuum hoses

A closer look at each type of anti-static hoses and the important role they play will help to facilitate the appropriate selection.



Applications of a Static Dissipative Hose

Often referred to an anti-static hose, the design of a static dissipative hose is to mitigate or prevent static electricity by dissipating it through the rubber material to the hose ends. Here are some of our static dissipative hoses and their most common applications:


  • FlexStat 80: Railcar loading/unloading
  • Flex-Tube PV-SD-LW: Industrial vacuum cleaners, pharmaceutical, static control, woodworking/furniture
  • Flx-Thane LD-SD: Applications requiring abrasion-resistance, dust collection, food-grade, static control, vapor recovery, woodworking/furniture
  • Flx-Thane SD: Clean rooms, dust collection, fertilizer broadcasting, food-grade, glass clinching, granule transport
  • FlexStat 60: Grain vac, plastic pellet transfer, powder & bulk, static control, surface prep dust collection
  • FlexStat CR: Clean rooms, food grade, pharmaceutical, plastic pellet transfer, powder & bulk
  • FlexStat: Concrete floor cleaning, food grade, granule transport, industrial vacuum cleaners, injection molding, plastic pellet transfer

Applications of Static Conductive Hoses

At Flexaust, we offer a variety of static conductive hoses, each suitable for specific application types:

StatPath Hose

  • Flex-Tube PU 60 GV-GW: Grain vac, powder & bulk, static control
  • Flex-Tube PV-SC: Industrial vacuum cleaners, pharmaceutical, static control, woodworking/furniture
  • StatPath: Auto tellers, bus ventilation, concrete floor cleaning, conduit, industrial vacuum cleaners, paper trim conduit, printing, sprayers, static control, ventilation
  • StatPath Plus: Auto tellers, bus ventilation, concrete floor cleaning, conduit, industrial vacuum cleaners, paper trim conduit, printing, sprayers, static control, ventilation
  • Conduct-O-Flex: Static control for dust and fumes

Why Anti-Static Hoses Are Important

Explosions caused by dust ignition present a significant problem in a variety of American industry sectors. When facilities fail to follow NFPA standard engineering controls that include both dust and static control, they drastically increase the likelihood of severe property damage, injury, and/or death within their operation.

Though by no means a comprehensive list, applications with these environmental factors have a higher-than-normal risk of dust-related explosions:

FlexStat In Use

  • Agricultural dusts: Wet corn, sorghum and other grains; sugar refining; flour and grain milling)
  • Carbonaceous dusts: Coal, graphite, grapheme, nano/mesoporous carbons
  • Chemical dusts: NOC fatty acids, essential oils, gelatin
  • Metal dusts: Milling, plating, polishing, anodizing, and coloring
  • Plastic dusts: Synthetic resins and non-vulcanizable elastomers

Our anti-static dust collection hoses and static control hoses play a critical role in maintaining operational safety and preventing fires and explosions. We assist our clients in selecting flexible hoses with the best electrical resistance ratings and appropriate static control hoses to fit the unique risks associated with their facilities and operations.

Explore our static control product pages or contact us for more information about the static control hose solutions available from Flexaust.

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