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Hose Accessories Guide: Connectors, Cuffs, Adapters, Clamps

Commercial Vacuum Hoses: Types, Materials, Applications

Ventilation Hoses - Types, Applications, Materials

Exhaust Hoses for Industrial Applications

A Selection Guide to Dust Collection Hoses & Fittings

Blower Hoses & Ducting | Insulation, Mulch Blowing, and Construction

An Introduction to Food-Grade Hoses

Agricultural/Farm Hoses

Fume Extraction/Exhaust Hose

Vapor Recovery 101 – The Best Tank Truck Vapor Recovery Hose

Hose Material Guide: Types, Chemical Resistance, Properties

Leaf Vacuum Hose | Choosing the Right Hose for Lawn & Garden Applications

What Exactly is UL 94V-0? | Flame-Retardant Products

What are Anti-Static Hoses?

Types of Hoses | A Quick Guide on Industrial Hose Types

PVC vs. Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) vs. Polyurethane (PU) Hose

Hose Bend Radius Essentials

OSHA is Cracking  Down on Silica Exposure. Are you Ready?

Why Are Indoor Vehicle Exhaust Systems Critical?

Addressing Cold Weather Construction Challenges on the Work Site

What’s Driving Record-Breaking Growth in RV Sales?

Considerations When Selecting Temporary Cooling Ducts for Tent Rentals

The Importance of High Temperature Hoses

Static Conductive and Static Dissipative Flexible Hose

Dangers of Welding Fumes in the Workplace

The Hazards of Grain Dust Accumulation

Why is it Important to Choose the Correct Flexible Hose?

Dust Threat in the Woodworking Industry

Autumn Cleanup

Construction Industry Hazards

National Safety Month

What’s new at Flexaust In 2016?

Air Ducts and Indoor Air Quality

The Hazards of Combustible Dust

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