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Hoses and ducts for blowers | Insulation, mulch blowing and construction

Posted by Flexaust on May 28, 2021

Types of Blower Hoses & Ducts:

Many applications require the use of a certain type of blower hose or duct. Some of these products may include:

  • Compressible Blower Hoses - Ventilation Blower Hoses
  • Insulated Blower Hoses for Hot and Cold Air
  • Crush-Resistant Insulation Blower Hoses
  • Construction Blower Hoses

Get the Right Blower Hose for Your Application

At Flexaust, we carry a wide variety of blower hoses and ducting for nearly any application. Depending on your specific needs, we offer a selection of hoses featuring different materials, lengths, diameters, features, and temperature ranges. The intended application for these hoses is a crucial factor to consider as each type offers its own advantages for use in different environments. Flexaust offers the following blower hoses:

  • FX Series Hoses: FX-400, FX-550. These are sewn ducts that are more resistant to extreme temperatures, made with materials that don't break down when exposed to extreme heat and environments.
  • Spring Flex Hoses: SD-W, FSP-5. These blower ducts are heat-welded and ideal for moving large volumes of air in portable or permanent ventilation systems in more moderate temperatures.

Utility Blowers

Springflex® Series offers several types of durable, lightweight, and extremely compressible blower ducts that you can customize with colors that meet specific OEM branding requirements. Utility blower ducting that we offer include:

  • Sto-Sack. A single-ply polyester fabric hose that features a yellow PVC vinyl coating, along with a spring steel wire helix reinforcement, a black external PVC wearstrip, and a self-storage bag.
  • SD. A single-ply yellow neoprene coated fabric hose featuring polyester construction and spring steel wire helix reinforcement.
  • SD-W. Similar to the SD, only with an additional black external PVC wearstrip.
  • AWP-W. A single-ply polyester fabric hose with a yellow acrylic coating, along with a spring steel wire helix reinforcement and an external black PVC wearstrip.
  • FSP-5. A single-ply polyester fabric hose with a PVC vinyl coating, an external PVC wearstrip, and spring steel wire helix reinforcement. This hose is intended for positive airflow applications, including temporary heating and air conditioning. It's also UL 94V-0 flame retardant with custom color matching.

Thermo Insulated Heating/Cooling

Arctic-Duct-U-2013-PRFlexaust also offers thermo-insulated heating and cooling ducts. Using these ducts will allow temperatures to remain more consistent and help eliminate condensation concerns. We can customize the materials for these based on individual needs. These blower duct products include:

  • Arctic Duct 3. Two single-ply PVC coating polyester fabric plies with a , with an insulation barrier featuring a black external PVC wearstrip and spring steel wire helix reinforcement.
  • Arctic Duct U. Two single-ply neoprene-coated polyester fabric, also featuring a spring steel wire helix and an external PVC wear strip. Additionally, this duct is made with flame-retardant materials, features an R4 insulation factor, and is compressible for ease of storage.

Insulation Blowing & Removal

Flexaust carries a selection of insulation blowing hose products have various features from crush resistance, lightweight to eco-friendly. They're also engineered to fluff up and aerate fiberglass and cellulose insulation for optimal volume and coverage. These hoses include:

  • E-2. A lightweight clear hose featuring polyethylene construction and a spring steel wire helix reinforcement - removal.
  • Flx-Thane LD. Lightweight polyurethane hoses available in clear or black colors, with a spring steel wire helix coated with bronze as reinforcement - Removal.
  • Flx Plus. Gray polyethylene copolymer hose featuring a polyethylene helix reinforcement - Removal.
  • Flex-Tube EF (Eco-Friendly). Clear medium-weight co-extruded polyolefin elastomer hose, reinforced by a rigid green external polypropylene helix - Removal.
  • Flex-Tube TR. Black medium-weight hose made with co-extruded thermoplastic rubber, along with a rigid black external polypropylene helix - Removal.
  • Mark 2. A medium-weight polyethylene hose with a translucent polyethylene helix for reinforcement, allowing for the close monitoring of the flow of materials. Profile construction of hose engineered to fluff up the insulation to fill space being insulated - Blowing.

Mulch Blowing

Mulch-Blowing-2015-PR-Image-159x200If you require a mulch blower hose, our Flex-Tube PU is a great product for mulch blowing applications. This tube is a medium-weight clear hose featuring co-extruded thermoplastic ether-based polyurethane materials, along with a rigid external yellow ABS helix for reinforcement. It’s lighter and more durable than conventional heavy walled PVC hose and offered in 100’ lengths with an optional swivel connectors to prevent twisting.

Meeting UL 94V-0 Requirements - Flame Retardant Hose Materials

For applications requiring flame-resistant blower hoses in harsher environments, several of our hoses are flame-retardant, Listed as UL 94V-0 flame-retardant (FSP-5, SD-W, SD). Our FX Series (FX-180, FX-180SF, FX-400, and FX-550) are flame-retardant to UL 94V-0.

Contact Us for Your Blower Hose Needs

If you require high-quality blower hoses and ducts, Flexaust can offer a solution based on your specific requirements for color, material, and other factors. For more information about our products, contact us or request a quote today.

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