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Construction Industry Hazards

Posted by Flexaust on Sep 14, 2016

The construction industry can be dangerous for workers if the correct precautions are not taken. Potential hazards construction workers may face include exposure to harmful chemicals, harmful air quality and dust buildup among many others.  In an effort to limit and reduce these threats to worker’s safety, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has put together rules and regulations to assure safe and healthful working conditions for employees in the construction field.  Below are some specific construction applications where flexible hose and ducting can assist in the safety process.

Bridge Cleaning and Painting

Many steel bridges painted before 1980 used paint coatings that contained toxic materials such as lead, cadmium and chromium. At the time they were used to protect the steel from breaking down in harsh conditions and to extend their lifespan.  During repainting jobs and maintenance work, construction workers can be exposed to these harmful chemical additives.  To prevent this exposure, exhaust ventilation systems should be used to capture the dust within the enclosure.  Ducting should also be used to draw the harmful chemical additive dust away, and to bring fresh air into the work area.  OSHA has a Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) and requires construction employers to protect their workers to exposure to these hazardous substances.

Underground ConstructionFullSizeRender.jpg

When performing construction work underground, in manholes and other areas, the space can be very limited.  Often these areas have limited means of entry and exit, and are not designed for continuous occupancy.  The atmosphere of the enclosed environment could contain toxic chemicals, and could be oxygen-deficient.  OSHA requires ventilation systems, including explosion-proof blowers and a minimum of 15-foot of duct to receive a permit to work in these environments.  Using blowers and ducts should ensure clean air stays in the working environment, and protect the health of the workers.

Flexaust Products for the Construction Industry

At Flexaust we manufacture and supply ducting and flexible hose for the construction industry.  Products like our FSP Bridge industrial hose are manufactured with bridge cleaning filtering in mind.  For blower duct use we offer the FX-180 and FX-400 lines to assist in your ventilation system needs.  These lines work great in outdoors conditions because that are moisture resistant and UV stabilized to prevent mold and mildew. Our FX-550 is great for heater hose when pouring concrete floors as the weather gets colder as it is able to maintain flexibility in cold weather conditions.  The construction industry requires the proper tools to face the dangerous conditions that some jobs may require, and at Flexaust we have the products and knowledge to assist.  Contact us to learn more how we can help meet your construction safety needs.


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