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Fume Extraction/Exhaust Hose

Posted by Flexaust on Nov 11, 2020 12:00:00 PM

A fume extraction hose is an important piece of equipment for many industrial applications, especially those that filter high levels of fumes and other potentially harmful emissions. Its main function is to remove harmful chemicals and fumes from the equipment to the air filtration system. The hose is a secondary piece to the larger main filtration system, which safely disperses the fumes. If the exhaust hose is not connected to a larger main filtration system, it cannot transport the fumes to a ventilated area for safe dispersal. Our exhaust hoses are environmentally resistant, durable, flexible, and useful in a range of applications that make the air safer and breathable. 

Fume Extraction/Exhaust Hose Applications and Benefits

Garage Fume Exhaust VentilationBecause fume exhaust hoses are extremely flexible and adaptable, they can attach to existing exhaust equipment to create a source capture system or connect to separate machines. Exhaust hoses are commonly attached to two different objects, and serve as the ducting between them. In the proper application, a fume extraction hose can operate as the autonomous exhaust system by attaching directly to the emission source. 

Its main application is used in areas where there are large amounts of emissions from diesel and engine exhaust. Areas like mechanic garages and firehouses have large amounts of dangerous fumes in the air, which requires proper air filtration. In many cases, the fume extraction hose is placed in an area near the vehicle and directly removes the fumes out of the garage and into a safely ventilated area for disposal. Other common applications of exhaust hoses include aircraft, kilns, chemical systems, and areas with high-temperature machinery. 

Inhaling the fumes, smoke, and dust that is emitted by machinery and vehicles can be dangerous, especially to long-term health. Proper breathing is imperative to all workers, and the use of a simple fan to clear the air won’t completely remove the hazardous fumes. That’s where a fume exhaustion hose is needed to properly eliminate the fumes before workers have the chance to breathe it. 

The Ideal Fume Extraction Hoses — Flex-Lok® Series

Flex-Lok® TCF is a Teflon® coated fabric hose that provides high chemical resistance and operates at temperatures up to 600°F, making it ideal for handling harsh, wet fumes. It features double-ply construction with a silver heat-resistant fiberglass liner that is mechanically crimped in a continuous process. This flexible hose has a sealed exterior, which prevents the escape of dangerous fumes, and is available in a wide range of sizes. Most commonly, the Flex-Lok family is used for extremely hot engines for fume extraction in firehouses or truck terminals, where vehicles are running in a closed space, but the fumes need to be extracted outside.

Flex-Lok® TCF hose provides superior fatigue resistance and good flex characteristics, making it an excellent option for reel and drop systems. We supply this high temperature and chemical-resistance flexible hose in 4” to 20” I.D. sizes, and it’s available in standard 25 ft. lengths. We also offer an option with a non-marking thermoplastic rubber clip cover to protect the helix.

Other chemical fume extraction hoses we offer include:

The Ideal Chemical Fume Extraction Hoses

In chemical fume extraction applications, you need a hose that is easy to maneuver and can withstand a multitude of harsh conditions. This hose needs to be dependable to ensure a safe setting around any chemical fume extraction.

Chemical fume extraction hoses we offer include:

Unlike fume extraction hoses used for hot engines or other extreme heat environments, these chemical fume extraction hoses are not always used for high-temperature applications. They can be used in pulp & paper, chemical manufacturing, and the handling of any toxic media.

Contact Flexaust for Your Hose Needs

At Flexaust, we have the expertise to ensure our clients have the fume extraction hosing equipment they need to keep workers safe. For over 80 years, our mission has been to provide the highest quality products and find innovative solutions for our clients.

Our industry-leading cleaning and fume extraction equipment, including the ideal fume hose choice Flex-Lok® TCF, is the best choice for any industrial business that values worker safety. 

Request a quote to get started on optimizing your space’s breathable air. To learn more about our other product offerings, contact us today.

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