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Industrial Heater Ducting for Temporary Ventilation

Posted by Flexaust on Sep 19, 2023

The Flexaust FX-400 Portable Heater DuctThe FX-400 lightweight heating duct is perfect for a wide range of applications, including construction sites, commercial and residential work areas, cement drying, dehumidification, event tents, and other climate control environments where temporary and portable heating or cooling is needed. The Flexaust FX-400 Portable Heater Duct is made with a high-strength sewn single-ply polyurethane coated polyester hose, featuring a spring steel wire helix and a heavy-duty PVC wear strip for added external abrasion and drag resistance. The polyurethane coating enhances puncture, abrasion, and tear resistance, and provides an easier-to-clean surface. The lock stitch construction creates a stronger duct allowing for better performance. This moisture-resistant and UV-stabilized duct is designed to prevent mold and mildew, and it comes standard with wire ropes, belted cuffs, and storage straps for easy attachment to the heater. It is a heavy-duty solution for your temporary heating needs.

Portable Heater Duct for Temporary Heating Applications | FX-400


What Makes FX-400 a Superior Heater Duct?

  • Enhanced Durability: Unlike laminated products, the FX-400 is coated, resulting in increased durability and longevity
  • Heavy-Duty Wearstrip: The FX-400 features a heavier-duty wearstrip compared to standard wear, making it a more robust and longer-lasting product.
  • Stronger and Better Performance: With a heavier weight material FX-400 is stronger and has better-performing abrasion and tear resistance.
  • Dust Resistance Coating: This product is coated with a dust resistance coating that contains an antistatic additive, making it easier to clean and maintain.
  • Standard Storage Straps: The FX-400 now comes with standard storage straps, ensuring easy handling and storage.


FX-400 Welcomes Flex-Port with Open Doors!

Flexaust introduces Flex-Port, a molded polyethylene tile used to install in doors to bring hot or cool air to the inside. Flex-Port is lightweight, durable, and UV-resistant for outdoor applications.  This product eliminates the need for cutting and installing plywood panels. Flex-Port tiles and ducting are easily installed in less than a minute.

Loading Dock Vent for Temporary Heating and Cooling

Loading Dock Vent for Temporary Heating and Cooling | Flex-Port


  • The Flex-Port is a 3’ x 4’ tile with a 24” outlet 
  •  Easy transition from outdoors to inside
  • Additional twist & lock adapters are available from 8” to 22” to accommodate various ducting diameters
  • For larger garage doors, Flex-Port tiles can be connected and/or stacked with metal brackets, to fit a variety of door widths.


Why Choose Flexaust?

Our decades of experience started with the development of the first flexible hose system used to remove dangerous fumes and bring fresh air to miners. Since then, we've established ourselves as a trusted manufacturer of wire-reinforced coated fabric hose, all plastic dry or wet vacuum hose, hand-bendable metal ducting, blow molded corrugated tubing, and a wide range of other hose and ducting products. We have four manufacturing facilities in the United States, enabling us to serve a variety of customers across diverse industries.

If you have any other questions or would like help determining the ideal hose or ducting solution for your needs, contact us today!

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