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Why is it Important to Choose the Correct Flexible Hose?

Posted by Flexaust on Nov 21, 2016

A common misconception is that any flexible hose can be used for any application.  In actuality different types of flexible hose are designed to meet the needs of different applications.  This makes it extremely important that the correct hose is chosen to meet the needs of the task you are trying to achieve. Choosing the wrong hose could lead to safety hazards and problems like increased expenses and lost production time depending on the industry.


Below are five critical factors that will help determine the correct hose:

  1. Size: It is important to choose a hose with the correct inside diameter (I.D.) and length to meet the application it is being used for.  Incorrect sizing can lead to clogs and backups if the hose cannot meet the demands of the air, dust, fume and lightweight materials that will be passing through it.
  2. Temperature: Choosing a hose with the right qualified temperature rating is important.  Choosing incorrectly can lead to hard and brittle hose that may crack or melt.  Internal temperatures and temperature impact on the material being conveyed should be factored in when determining which hose to use.
  3. Application:  What the hose will be conveying is vital when determining the proper hose.  Specifying if air, fume, dust and/or light weight materials will be flowing through the hose will help determine the correct product. The conditions the hose will be located in, how often it will be used, does it need to meet government or industrial standard requirements are all important in determining the correct hose application.
  4. Media:  By determining what media will be going through the hose, the correct material can be selected.  Selection choices include hoses manufactured with FDA accepted materials, to hoses that are flame retardant and meet standards like UL 94V-0.
  5. Pressure: Specifying the type of pressure from Positive (psi), Negative (inches Hg.) and or Inches w.g. will help narrow down hose choices.  Determining factors like working pressure will prevent the hose from bursting.

At Flexaust we have manufactured flexible hose and flexible ducting products for industrial applications for 75 years.  Our Market Applications page will help you choose the proper hose that can meet almost any application involving air, fume dust, and light material handling applications.  Contact us here if you have any questions on which is the correct hose to meet your needs.


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