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Exhaust Hoses for Industrial Applications

Posted by Flexaust on Aug 10, 2021 2:21:38 PM

Exhaust hoses are commonly used in many types of industrial applications. From welding stations and engine testing stations to fire engines and bus stations, these hoses appear nearly everywhere. Here we'll review what these hoses are, some of their common applications, and the high-quality hoses available from Flexaust.

Exhaust Hose for Garage Ventilation

Industrial Exhaust Hose

Industrial exhaust hoses are used in many applications that involve high-temperature air, toxic chemicals, and fumes. There are many types of exhaust hoses and ducting made from various materials including PVC, neoprene, polyester, and others. Using the right hoses and ducting, workers and equipment can remain safe from exposure to potentially harmful gases and fumes.

Common Applications

Some specific applications for industrial exhaust hoses include:

  • Welding. The welding process often produces dangerous chemicals including hexavalent chromium and manganese, which have the potential of causing serious health issues such as lung cancer and brain damage. A sufficient weld fume ventilation system using exhaust hoses and ducting can keep workers consistently safe in the welding environment. Because of the high temperatures produced during the welding process, exhaust hoses must be heat resistant to provide lasting protection.

  • Vehicle exhaust. In many facilities, vehicle exhaust can accumulate and put people at risk without reliable fume exhaust systems in place. Exhaust hoses are often used for engine testing, garages, and fire engines. 

  • Bus depots/stations and train stations. To protect workers and passengers in these locations, exhaust hoses are also frequently used to keep facilities clear of toxic fumes.

Quality Hoses for Exhaust System Applications

Depending on your application's needs, Flexaust carries a wide range of high-quality exhaust hoses for nearly any environment. Our hoses come in a variety of materials including fiberglass, Teflon®, and aramid fabrics, along with steel and silicone reinforcements. Our line of Flex-Lok flexible exhaust hoses is compatible with many applications requiring sufficient heat resistance and fume mitigation in confined spaces. These hoses often appear in facilities such as garages, train depots, and fire engine stations to protect workers, pedestrians, and equipment.

Our extensive inventory includes the following exhaust hoses:

Flex-Lok 1050

A silver aluminum-coated fiberglass fabric hose featuring double-ply construction with extreme temperature resistance. 

Flex-Lok 1200

Double-ply red wire-inserted fiberglass fabric hose featuring extreme heat resistance and flexibility.  

Flex-Lok 550

Single-ply silver silicone-coated fiberglass fabric hose that's highly flexible and flame retardant.  

Flex-Lok 570

Single-ply green Para-Aramid fabric hose that features excellent tensile strength, puncture resistance, and fatigue resistance.  

Flex-Lok 600

Double-ply silver and silicone-coated fiberglass fabric hose made with a silver heat-resistant fiberglass liner.  

Flex-Lok 750

Double-ply red wire-inserted fiberglass fabric hose featuring a silver heat-resistant fiberglass liner.  

Flex-Lok TCF

Double-ply black Teflon® fabric hose that's ideal for venting harsh chemicals.  

Heat-Flex® CW-325

Single-ply black acrylic-coated polyester fabric hose that's ideal for air and fume handling applications, including overhead vehicle exhaust systems.  


Single-ply neoprene-coated polyester fabric hose that's used for light-duty and low-pressure applications.  

Types of High-Temperature Exhaust Hose Fabrics

High-temperature hoses facilitate the movement of fumes and hot air through various industrial systems and equipment. Flexaust offers several variations of high-temperature hoses featuring a range of flexibilities and temperature ranges. They're made from several types of high-quality construction materials, providing different levels of suitability and flexibility for a variety of applications.

Teflon® Fabric Hoses - Benefits and Properties

This material is used in our Flex-Lok TCF hose and is ideal for venting many types of harsh chemicals. It features a sealed exterior that effectively prevents fumes from escaping, with excellent resistance to heat, wear, and tear. 

Coated Fabric

High-temperature coated fabric hoses come in a variety of fabric combinations. These hoses may include silicone, fiberglass, or neoprene coating with a single- or double-ply coated fabric. When made with a ply, hoses are often more suitable for applications involving temperatures of up to 1200°. Our line of Flex-Lok hoses features a selection of coated fabrics.

Aramid Fabric Hose

Another fabric used in high-temperature applications is aramid, or aromatic polyamide. These fibers are man-made and include molecules that consist of rigid polymer chains. Aramid fibers' strong hydrogen bonds allow for the efficient transfer of mechanical stress, which helps reduce the molecular weight of the polymer chains. As a result, aramid materials are strong and highly resistant to abrasion, organic solvents, and electricity, with no melting point and minimal flammability.

Contact Us for Your Flexible Exhaust Hose Needs


Flexaust's reliable exhaust hoses work with nearly any application in need of proper exhaust systems for toxic chemicals, fumes, and high-temperature air. Made with top-quality fabrics, coatings, and other materials, you can keep people and equipment consistently protected. For more information about our products, contact us today. We can also help you find the right exhaust hoses for your systems when you request a quote from us.

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